Our Services

Besides our excellent pediatric care, here are a few of our specialized services.

Service Overview

Ear Piercing

We are happy to offer ear piercings for our patients beginning at their 9 month well check. We offer several high quality earring options and use the latest sterile technique to ensure safety. All of our female physicians are available to perform this service. Drs. Schwartzenburg and Sanches agree that the female physicians do a better job and are happy to have them perform ear piercings on their patients at the time of a check up or at a separate appointment. We charge $50 for this service. Additional earrings may be purchased for $25/pair.

School Forms

Our physicians and staff are happy to fill out any necessary school forms and provide up to date immunization records at each child’s well check. If any forms are needed between well checks, we are happy to accommodate as long as your child is up to date on well checks. We do ask for a 48 hour window to complete any needed forms between check ups.

ADHD Visits

Each of our physicians offers evaluations and management of ADHD. We take this responsibility very seriously and require close follow up to ensure the safest and most effective treatment possible. Patients are required to stay up to date on routine well checks in order to schedule ADHD check ups. Please contact one of our nurses for more information before scheduling an ADHD evaluation.

Fluoride Varnish

Topical fluoride is a key component to the prevention of dental caries and good oral health. It can be applied quickly and painlessly in our office by one of our specially trained staff members. Please talk with your provider to decide if this service would be beneficial for your child.

Behavioral Health

At Red Stick Pediatrics, we offer both physical and behavioral health services. Our two in house Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Brittney Santora and Christina Greconia, see patients Monday through Friday by appointment only.


As a parent herself, Brittney realizes that being a parent can be tough at times and comes with many challenges. Brittney is passionate about partnering with parents and caregivers to learn ways to strengthen the parent-child relationship, structure the environment to prevent misbehavior and use effective strategies to respond to misbehavior. Brittney offers a 14 session parenting program at Red Stick Pediatrics called Family Interaction Training (FIT) for parents and caregivers of children 2-8 years old with challenging behaviors. She takes time to get to know your family and its unique strengths and challenges during an initial evaluation. Parenting visits are also available for children outside of this age group. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to invest in your relationship with your child for years to come.


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